Timur Civan is New York City born and raised. From his background in the fine arts, becoming a Director of Photography was a natural progression. After much experimentation with moving images in his brief professional art career, he developed the desire paint an image with light to tell a story. His techniques in cinematography are at the forefront of creative imaging, bolstered by his exploration in optics, new and classic, innovative lighting styles and a deep understanding of the latest in industry technologies.   In combination with his natural inquisitive nature in the sciences and artistic sensibilities, Timur welcomes technically complex commercial shooting scenarios including; in camera special effects, high speed, table-top, motion control and macro work.

Clients include: Nike, Samsung, Ford, Microsoft, Toyota, Sony, Tiffany & Co, Home Shopping Network, Elle Magazine, Vox Media, Infor Inc, MIC inc, Ginette NY, Bionda Castana, Emblem Health, SeaPak, FILA, Bradford & Young  and many more.