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A Verse Before Dying, Final Product. The first short film from the Panasonic AF100

After a month of work and testing, the fruits of all our labor is done!  Incredibly quickly i’d like to add….

Now you can enjoy the whole film, and see a lot of the lighting setups that i made for the various scenes.  Lets examine the cabin sequence.

A majority of this scene is actually shot at magic hour, but to combat the loss of light, we were prepared to augment the lighting.    I used a 4k HMI, and a 1.2k HMI with 1/2 stop straw gel to give it the warmth of sunset.  A chocolate filter will do as well.    I placed the 4k outside the door way to provide the main key light, and i placed the 1.2k HMI out side the window, impacting a white bounce card off screen to provide some fill, and give the sense of ambient light.  There is also a third HMI, outside the slats of the window thats visible in the darkness of the other room in the wide shot.

Its a simple lighting set up, to give the sense of sunset.

I think it worked out quite well.

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