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Tstop Cinema LLC’s First official production!

This was started some months ago, but it is finally finished and ready for the world to take a peek.  I’m very proud to present the official video of the DEVImoves Workout, by Bhavani Lee.

Its just a quick peek, but its a great first project for a new year!

Congratulations Bhavani on the launch of your new venture!

Directed by: Timur Civan
Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
AD: Thomas Wong
G&E: Philip Warren, Adam Chinoy
Hair Stylist: Shlomi Mor
Costume: Robert Suresh Singh

Perfomed by:
Bhavani Lee
Jorja Rivero
Galit Adani

Shot on Canon 5DmkII
Kessler Crane
Kessler Cine Dolley

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