Born and raised in New York City, Timur Civan has always seen the world through the eyes of an artist. He began pursuing his creative passion as a contemporary sculptor, incorporating video images into some of his works and exploring a variety of innovative art forms, including photography.  Becoming a Director of Photography was therefore a natural progression.

After much experimentation with moving images during his brief professional art career, Civan came to the realization that painting an image with light to tell a story was the medium that best expressed his artistic vision. His techniques in cinematography are at the cutting edge of creative imaging, bolstered by his explorations with new and classic lenses, innovative lighting styles, and a deep dive into the latest technologies. Given his naturally inquisitive nature, fascination with science, and acute artistic sensibilities, he is drawn to technically complex commercial and experimental shooting assignments and is highly adept at in-camera special effects, high speed, tabletop, motion control, and macro work.



Clients include: Infor, Louis Vuitton, Pepsi, Dior, Tom Ford, Nike, Samsung, Ford, Microsoft, Toyota, Sony, Tiffany & Co, Home Shopping Network, Elle Magazine, Vox Media, Infor Inc, MIC inc, Ginette NY, Bionda Castana, Emblem Health, SeaPak, FILA, Bradford & Young  and many more.


*bio by Jason Schneider